I make products that help people to understand the world around them, and think of new solutions to difficult problems.

What I'm ( doing / thinking ) about

I'm currently a Product Engineer at Intercom in Dublin. It's a nice balance between engineering and product work, and Intercom is at an exciting inflection point. What follows are things I'm particularly focused on, both inside and outside of work.

Knowing Quality

Assessing quality is both a question of what Quality is, and how to get there. That said, it's one of the most meaningful item to consider when doing anything.

Generative Artwork

Computer Generated artwork is an exciting mix between computing and creativity in a medium without limits. I'll be publishing more around this in the future.

Cycling & Backpacking

These are both fantastic ways to see things you wouldn't be able to otherwise, not to mention how calming it is to be present in nature. I'm looking into doing more with Bike Packing in the near future.

Understanding Context

Understanding the context swirling around what you're working towards helps massively in knowing what you ought to focus on. I'm focused on understanding more of the context that surrounds my own work and goals.

Distilling Ideas

Communicating ideas is incredibly important, as is distilling rough ideas to their core fundamentals. I'm interested in honing this ability through writing, so keep an eye on my RSS feed.

History of Computing

I'm enamored with where we've been in computing. The history of this relatively young field is bright with unique and powerful ideas. The fundamental question is: Where are we going and where have we been?

My goals are in constant flux, and so is this section.


SailSail is a generative art framework
ProbabilisticGolang implementations of Bloom Filters, Min Sketch Count and Min Hashing.
ParkingParking is a live art piece in which users claim a parking spot and hopefully make a human connection.
clrclr is a go library to manage different color spaces, convert between them and compare colors.
FokalFokal is a simple photography site with the goal of getting good images seen.