I am most interested in the notion of thinking unthinkable thoughts. How do we think, and how do we develop new thoughts? Moreover, how can we think new thoughts quicker and understand a body of knowledge faster?

Just as a to-do list helps us remember, and a notepad helps us perform calculations, computers can help us immensely when it comes to thinking previously unthinkable thoughts.

One of the most important single beliefs I hold is that computation can augment the human mind. Historically tools have always allowed us to manipulate the world around us easier and probe the universe with greater accuracy.

Computers and Mathematics allow us to augment the models by which we think about the world, and therefore are incredibly useful aides in addressing the problems and issues that face us.

We’ve made a substantial amount of progress in this area in the past 60 years. We can communicate far more easily they would could in the late 60s and we use computers to inform nearly every technical question we have.

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