I make products that help people to understand the world around them, and think of new solutions to difficult problems.


Title Description
Probabilistic Golang implementations of Bloom Filters, Min Sketch Count and Min Hashing.
Parking Parking is a live art piece in which users claim a parking spot and hopefully make a human connection.
clr clr is a go library to manage different color spaces, convert between them and compare colors.
Fokal Fokal is a simple photography site with the goal of getting good images seen.
python-smooch python-smooch is a python wrapper for the Smooch API
Adventure Adventure is a port of the classic terminal game Colossal Cave Adventure to modern chat clients.
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Recent Writing

Title Date
Reframing Goals 29 January 2018 01/29/18
Woodworking for Quality 26 January 2018 01/26/18
Visual Engineering 24 January 2018 01/24/18
Augmenting Human Intellect 13 December 2017 12/13/17
Unthinkable Thoughts 3 April 2017 04/03/17
Mission Briefing 30 March 2017 03/30/17
Information Overflow 13 August 2016 08/13/16
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